Dear Campers,

Please be reminded that lunch on the 19th will NOT be provided. Kindly make necessary arrangements to fill up your tummys before checking in at Grace Hill Lodge. 

Do continue to stick around for more info and updates!



Calling all passengers who have not registered for camp yet,

Due to the overwhelming response we received for this year’s camp, we decided to extend the closing date for registration to 16th Sept (Wed), which is just 3 days before camp. For those of you who thought you have missed the boat to sign up for the camp, you’ve got  a second chance (Yay!).  For those of you who are kings and queens of procrastination, better sign up now because the camp is almost full house and there aren’t many spaces left. So what are you waiting for? Sign up quickly and stay tuned for more updates on this blog or via e-mail 🙂

On the inside!

What to expect?

When you feel like you're holding the whole world above your head, it's time to let it go and take a break.
When you feel like you’re holding the whole world above your head, it’s time to let it go and take a break.
From now on, you look towards the sky and tell yourself that having faith in something greater that will see you through.
From now on, you look towards the sky and tell yourself that having faith in something greater that will see you through.

Now have a seat and ask yourself  “Do I see this in me?”

If the answer is yes, you’ve  come to the right site to sign up to go to the right place.

We can’t wait to see you guys at Grace Hill Lodge!


Dear campers,

 As the time draws near, I bet you’re excited to know what’s in store yes? But every war needs its preparation and strategy so here are a few tips:


Things you are highly recommended to bring:

 1)      Clothes. Preferably enough for 4 days and more. *Note: There is a swimming pool within throwing distance. Pack wisely. REMEMBER: Hill. Night. Cold. Sweater.

2)      Toiletries.

3)      Bible.

4)      Stationery.

5)      Torchlight

6)      Some string. This is always handy coz you never know when you will run out of dental floss. Ok, maybe bring a ball so that we can commence captain ball.

7)      CAMERA!!!

8)      An open heart.


Things that are optional:

1)      Family portrait. Just in case your new found friends wish to determine who you resemble.

2)      Beach ball.

3)      Sleeping bag.

4)      Notebook (a conventional one that you use a pen to write on; not those modern day things with a screen and a keyboard) 

5)      Accessories

6)      Shades

7)      Business cards.

8)      Deck of cards.

Anything else we forgot to remember???

Get your place quick!

Get your place quick!

iBridge Camp coming soon to a hill near you!

One and only screening from 19th -22nd Sept 2009!!!


Cya there 🙂

Yo people,

Just to inform you all that the registration for the Ibridge camp is closing very soon. In fact, its closing on 7th September 2009 (Yeap, this coming Monday…yikes). So, for those of you who want to go but are procrastinating, better sign up now! All you need to do is to click the ‘Camp Registration Form’ icon on your right and fill in your particulars. Do share this information with your friends too as we wouldn’t want them to miss out going to this camp. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements on this site :)